I want…

Every day I deal with tantrums, I want this Mama, I don’t want that… Screwed up faces growling at me, feet stamping, raised voices, screaming.

Today the lovely Adam has tasked me to have a tantrum and share it with you all… or something like that, essentially stipulate what I want for a change, so here goes…

  • I want my house to clean itself, I like clean, I like tidy, disorder make me jittery
  • I want my children to never to feel like their head was on fire or full or fire ants or going to explode (I don’t wish that on anyone)
  • I want a teleporter/time stopping device, so I can be wherever I want to be for however long I want to be, without it affecting my responsibilities
  • I want to stop wanting what I think I want and wanting what I have
  • I want laundry to come out of the washing machine, dry, ironed and folded
  • I want to stop wanting to make everyone happy, because it is impossible
  • I want to be able to not think about the pennies, or the pounds
  • I want people to see their worth as I see how special and precious they are
  • I want to be there, when I am here
  • I want people to embrace difference and unconventionality and not be afraid of it
  • I want people to be honest with me, even if it hurts me
  • I want to find non-alcoholic wine that tastes like the alcoholic stuff, not sweet and yucky (oh and non alcoholic gin too)
  • I want to be told to be quiet when I am noisy even if I may not do as I am told
  • I want people to stop telling me they are sorry
  • I want people to stop using words as a panacea to a lack of action
  • I want to be seen as me, not just a gender or age or label
  • I want to see more kindness in the world
  • I want the three letters lol to be banned in that configuration
  • I want life to hurt less, even if I know pain is the opposite of the bliss that has come before
  • I want to be able to visit every corner of the globe
  • I want to see and hear people when I text them
  • I want to learn how to snowboard, and climb outside
  • I want to be able to see more people of my past and increase their inclusion in my future
  • I want to share space with you
  • I want to want you
  • Did I say I want my house to clean itself?

I was, however, taught that I want doesn’t get… 

Thank you to gorgeous Spencer for inspiring where to get the image, I’ve always liked them on his blog.

Now who to tag? I’m thinking some of the UrbanVox writers…

Little Miss, NFHere, iFlibble, Dad of the Monkeys and also Nadine (as she always tags me). Go on, I want to hear you scream and stamp your feet.