As I write this, team GB’s Olympian and Paralympian champions are getting ready for the final celebrations of the games, the winners parade.

So much has changed for them, since the start of the opening ceremony on the 27 July a mere forty-five days ago. Hopefully they have had an opportunity to see what they have achieved from all their hard work. Some will be coming to the end of careers, for some, the notoriety of their achievements will change their futures forever.

As spectators, we have had been spoilt with the plethora of exceptional sport that has been available, for our viewing pleasure.

Looking back, I wonder if the last forty-five days will really have changed anyone’s outlook on sport, ability, national pride, life, love, self?

Don’t get me wrong, the country NEEDED something to get excited about this summer. With the state of the economy and lack of summer (to name just two things); having something to scream and shout about has been good for all of our well-beings.

That some are even contemplating, or have already tried out a new sport or challenge, has to be one of the most positive outcomes. Wanting to emulate our great heroes in sport, is something that should be encouraged. If only to emphasise, that to be the best in your chosen field it takes hard work, discipline and determination.

Even those not usually enthused by sport have found something to cheer about; who knew that a few weeks ago, the country would be transfixed by dressage or discussing the changes to performance with the lengthening of blades.

Maxi, for one, is now totally obsessed by Bradley Wiggins, archery and wheelchairs (random I know). I do however wonder how long these obsessions will last, as there are many new opportunities being opened up to him. Will his attention be taken by the next pretty/exciting/interesting new thing that sneaks up on his horizon. Will all thoughts of the first opening ceremony, all too soon, be but a faded memory? With Christmas on the horizon,  how long until it is all ancient history?