We were at the supermarket and Maxi saw a courgette (or zucchini) and wanted to try it. Who was I to say no? Any new vegetable that my children want to try to eat is good in my book. They were obsessed with it as they were going round the rest of the supermarket, wanting to hold it, rather than putting it into the trolley. If it hadn’t been the kind of vegetable that needed to be weighed to find the price, they would have probably started eating it then and there. It took many a reminder that they couldn’t start eating it before we paid for it.

When we got to the checkout, Maxi had to be the one to give his  precious courgette to the checkout  lady to price up.

When we eventually got home they helped to empty the car, they are most useful. Though the first thing they wanted to take out of the car was this courgette.

Now my children have a  bad habit of not liking their vegetables cooked, and will more than happily chomp on a pepper as if it were an apple, and eat cucumbers as if they were going out of style, so I wasn’t surprised that they started eating it raw. We had discussed that they taste very nice pan-fried with butter, but this really didn’t appeal.

Before I knew it, this is what was left of the courgette, and it was still being nibbled.

Both Maxi and Mini have declared that they love courgettes and that they are brilliant. Long may it continue.

What weird and wonderful things do your children eat? I am looking for ideas as mine need more variety in their diet.