The Gallery – Back to School

This weeks Gallery Prompt is Back to School. I know the English schools are back this week, but this is the third week back for my children, as Scotland has a different holiday schedule.

This year Maxi started Primary 1 and Mini, pre-school. Maxi had one half day on the first day and from then has been in for full days. The second week back brought the joys of homework. Which, to be honest, Mama loves, as she gets to watch her baby at work, and see him teach his wee brother what he has learnt at school that day.

Now it’s not been a bed of roses of a start, but we are getting there. Maxi, however loves his teachers and learning and surprisingly enough, school dinners. I am not sure what he is actually eating, but he doesn’t come home ravenous, so he is eating something. He came home the other day telling me how delicious roast beef was, something he has never devoured with gusto at home.

On the first day, when we picked him up, we left the house in sunshine, picked Mini up from nursery and waited in the car until he would be let out of the school gates. The weather went from bright sunshine to a complete deluge.

I, of course, didn’t have a raincoat, serious bad planning on my part, and by the time the gates were finally opened, I was soaked to the skin. Thankfully Maxi was the first one out, and I was able to bundle the boys into the car and go home to hear all about their first  day.