My children’s Top 5 Tunes

I wrote a post of my top five tunes (of that day, of that moment) the other day and I thought I’d just write down the top five songs my children sing to me, that aren’t Thomas the Tank Engine songs. Proper songs if you will. (& just so you know, all I did was write these down. They chose them, in the order that they appear.)

You’re Beautiful – James Blunt
I know, this is a Marmite song, you either love it or hate it, but it is the first song Maxi sang me the whole way through. Both boys will burst into song every time they hear it, and often when they don’t hear it. Each time it brings a tear to my eye. OK understatement, reduces me to a blubbering heap.

Leaving on a Jet Plane – John Denver
I blame Aunty Angela for this one, it was playing in her car one time the boys spent some time with her (thus I forgive her for everything). Of course it was about planes, a firm favourite in our house. And this was the YouTube video that was played over and over and over until they, not only learnt the words but all the timings and key changes. Then I put the his greatest hits album on my iPod.

Country Roads – John Denver
This follows Leaving on a Jet Plane on the album so as that was played endlessly, this was played too, this was the  first song Mini sang to me from beginning to end, one day when his brother was asleep in the car. (That album is well-loved and Rocky Mountain High is a huge favourite too, as their favourite Uncle lives in Colorado, and given half the chance Maxi would move their in a heartbeat). 

Handlebars – Flobots
This is YOUR fault! You shared this album and I played it, lots, and there was a tune about bikes, and of course Maxi wanted to play it lots. I do love it too, so don’t mind, but his attempt at rapping is hilarious.

Do you realise – Flaming Lips
I like this song, from the first time it was shared with me I liked it. Now it does help that I think the front-man Wayne Coyne is delicious. Though until now I never knew his name. Wayne, really, he doesn’t look like a Wayne, whatever a Wayne is supposed to look like. Though I digress. I like it, so it gets played in the car, thus the boys now know all the words and it is sung at high volume, very out of tune, every time.

So as you may notice, my sons are charmers, who like to tell me I am beautiful, and have a beautiful face, but are mad keen on planes and bikes, and a little proximity to their favourite things help in their selection.

What do your children listen to? Is their taste in music driven by yours or do they dance by the beat of their own drum?