Top 5 Tunes

The delectable @Melkshammum tagged me on instagram for my top five songs. The thing is, I made a decision that my instagram feed was only going to show pictures of food, so it was going to be hard to join in there, so thought I’d write about my top five tracks here.

Before I start, my knowledge of music is weak, I am lucky to have some delicious teachers, but I have much to learn. Here are my top five songs, now, this minute. They are probably a bit predictable, but ask me tomorrow and the list would be completely different.

Getting the list down to five was very difficult, and I know I have not thought of all my favourite tunes, and I know, the minute I press publish I will want to change them, but here goes.

  • The Empty Dancehall, All About Eve (From Scarlet and Other Stories)
    This song reminds me of my first boyfriend, Steven, he had tight, thick curly hair…. OK. focus woman, I love the lyrics, and the haunting tune. The imagery of ribbons dancing shoes transports me back to being a young teen, spending my time dancing, playing tennis and rowing, and amazed a boy looked at me.
  • Smooth, Carlos Santana feat. Rob Thomas (From Supernatural)
    It’s probably exagerada, as my mother would say, but this is one of the songs that saved my life. When I was my most sick I’d play this song over and over and over again.  Santana is simply a genius, I love listening to his music throughout every transition, I would love to see him live, his energy is magical.

  • The Reason, Hoobastank (From The Reason)
    This is a relatively new find, but I have probably listened to it more than all bar one track of late (that is far too soppy to put on the list). It is hard to explain why this song is so special to me, but it is, thus makes the cut.

  • Hurt, Nine Inch Nails (From The Downward Spiral)
    & Hurt, Jonny Cash (From American IV: The Man Comes Around)
    This one caused much mental debate, do I go for the Nine Inch Nails version or do I go for the Jonny Cash version. At the end of the day it is the song, both, in my opinion are amazing, for different reasons, the sound reverberates through my body while the lyrics reverberate through my soul.

  • At Last, Etta James (From At Last)
    What do I say, she makes the hairs on the back of my head stand on end. Her music finds its way under my skin, and works its way through my body. It has said, many times before, but this tune is sublime.

Even as I sit here there are LOTS of other tunes that are floating into my head. Tunes from ACDC, Bon Jovi… oh I could go on for days.

But before I go, a wee addition, this was shared with me last night, and it was described as art. It’s something new, perhaps to make the list in the future.

Music is personal, music is of a moment, music is not just an aural experience, it seeps into the soul. Some choose to accept this, others don’t. Music, like smells creates memories embedded deep. Ready to be reawakened when the notes are heard again.

What are your top five tunes? How much do you agree/disagree with me?