As you know if you read some of my previous ramblings, I climb & I have just started to learn  how to lead climb. To do this you must have your own rope, it is not something you can hire from a gym as rope has a life (who knew). Essentially that means that as time goes by it can degrade with use, and it only has so many “falls” in it.

A while ago, DH and I found a 60m length 10mm diameter for £95 which we thought was a good price. It’s the same one as this one here, but the price has now gone up slightly.

Now a 60m rope is quiet heavy, and we really only need a 30m one for our climbing wall, so we got it cut in half.

I asked my climbing partner if she and her husband would like the other half the rope. At the time they said no, but recently asked what it would cost.

Now I suppose I was being lazy, and said £50, I rounded it up from the £47.50 that going half would have been, I am dreadful at carrying cash and I thought it would be easier to round it up. (It was only £2.50, the price of a coffee. Notwithstanding that it probably cost me about £15 in fuel to get to the shop to pick it up. Though I did do a couple of more things to make the trip worth while).

Her husband said this wasn’t right and said he’d get his own. Now I have no problem with that, it’s their money, their choice whether to buy something, and I have another friend who will probably buy it. Though to be honest, DH is more than happy to keep it to have a spare.

The question I keep asking myself is was I fair? Should I have said that it was £47.50? Was I just being lazy to round the number up, to save the need to have coins?

I have always considered myself as being fair. When he asked what we paid for the rope I was honest, I could have said it cost us £100, which is the price it is now. They are good friends, was I being greedy. I know it is only £2.50, but it’s the principle. I honestly didn’t think it would matter and they would want it. Perhaps he wanted a cut price as it was our spare bit of rope.

I don’t know, people confuse the hell out of me, but I now feel bad. Perhaps that’s just me being silly.

What do you think? Was I greedy? Should I just have asked £47.50 for the rope or was my decision to ask for £50 fine?