Driving Shoes

Last weekend I had a 288 mile journey ahead of me, which means one thing, driving in heels.  I find them most comfortable, and it means I don’t have to flex my ankle as much with my feet constantly on the pedals.

On the return journey, I didn’t fancy driving in my steel tipped stiletto heels, but had no alternative footwear, so decided to drive barefoot.

This I have had quite a lot of practice in, as some shoes, particularly my birkenstocks I find are exceedingly difficult to drive in, so I slip them off and I find that I am much more grounded with the car.

This was all well and good, but I was nearing the halfway point and I desperately needed coffee.  I also needed to wake up, and a wee walk would do me good. Though I was on a very tight schedule as I had to be home in time to take over child care duties from OH, as he had to go to work.

Now I walk around barefoot all the time. In all weathers and on most surfaces (lose stones hurt) so when the though of spending time putting socks and boots came into my head I though meh, I just needed coffee.

I was parked close to the doors of the service station, so just walked barefoot in. I felt a little self conscious, because it’s not really the norm to wander around the UK with bare feet, but the people around me either didn’t notice, or didn’t care.

It was quite liberating actually, I suppose I was in a reckless, be me kind of mood. I had a light heart and a smile on my face, tired so the mood was tinged, but I felt like Sunniva Anne for the first time in a long time. Walking barefoot into a service station to purchase coffee, seemed like the right thing to do.

Less than ten minutes later I walked across the tarmac to my car, hot coffee in my greasy mit, liberated, loopy… wearing a full body smile.

What have you done lately that’s a little bit loopy?