I was listening to Pick of the Pops on BBC Radio 2 the other day, and the second year that was focused on was 1989.  I would have been 14, my husband would have been 25.  I remember the tunes as if they were yesterday not 23 years ago, WTF that was 23 years ago? What has happened to me? I’ve gotten old!

The idea back then, that I would have hung out with people who were in their twenties was just preposterous, we’d have had nothing in common, he was in the navy and I was at school.

I look at the friends I have made through my life, they have either been the same age as me, or older.  Now some of my best friends are fifteen plus years older than me.  But they seem the same age. We like the same things. I also have a few friends that are younger than me, but other than their vitality and some not having the same cultural references, which stems back to childhood again, we all seem the same age.

Friends who are parents of similar aged children have the same concerns about their children as I have for mine. More often than not, we are all exhausted and in need for Mummy time. A glass of wine solves a hard day, a night out is desired, though often interchangeable for an early night (or is that just me?).

When did the number of years you’ve resided on this earth start to become smaller in difference?

My children are fifteen months apart, and over the last four years I have seen this difference become smaller and smaller.  I know there will be a time when it will become negligible. Though when Mini was born the difference in my boys was immense.  Mini would communicate with cries and go through about a hundred nappies in a day, whilst Maxi would chatter away and only go through ten or so.

Nowadays, I can still see differences, but the similarities are there too.

When it comes to adults, I just imagine most people are the same age as me. Which is good, as most of the people I know are older than me, so they don’t get offended.

Then again, I still see myself as being in my twenties, perhaps with a smidge more experience of life. Definitely happy that I have learnt more how my brain works, though that took until I was 31 and then 34.

Growing up, my mother always said that she felt 21, I never understood that growing up, but I can now.  All that is different with me is that certain parts of me hurt more, my tummy has grown two children inside it and is saggy and there are a few grey hairs.

My mind, that is just the same as it has always been. I still remember the excitement about life ahead that I experienced as a teenager. I know I will jump into opportunities with two feet, though I will run every possible outcome through my head. Even then I will usually choose to try, what’s a bit of heartache in the long run, I’m sure I’ve experienced worse as a fifteen or seventeen year old (I remember those broken hearts and the pain that permeated through my body for weeks after).

But this is life isn’t it? Sucking the juice and gulping it down. Grabbing each opportunity, you never know if it’s your last.

And when it comes to age, I just use it as a marker for how many years I have survived.

I love my friends, young and old, you all bring something different into my life, even if some of you weren’t born in 1989 & wouldn’t have understood why I was dancing round my kitchen the other afternoon.

Do you feel as if you are getting older? Do we really ever grow up?