Save One

I was in a really grumpy mood, and my mind was wondering (neither very good occurrences)

Now the wondering it was wondering was; if the world was going to end who would I save? See I was contemplating the world ending – bad thing, but of saving someone – good thing (we have to focus on the positive as my brain has been most bleak of late)

The question of children came up; I have two and can only save one person, and choosing between your children, in my humble opinion, is just not on. So children were off the cards.  So that’s it folks, you can’t save your children if the world was going to end, if you can only choose one person to save – bad thing. OR you can just decide that you automatically save your children – good thing.

Then I changed my rules… cos I can… since it was my daft question to begin with… and was one of the things that made me smile hardest at today.

New Question: What qualities do you think are important in the one person you could save if the world was about to end?

Well someone who was useful would be good. You know, that kind of person that can fix things, with just a piece of string and a trusty leatherman or at least know where to go to get the right things to fix what is required at a fraction of the cost – even if there would be no shops left.

Someone who had the determination to complete a job once started, and not get bored, half way through, and if they cleaned up after themselves that would be a bonus too.

Someone who was daft and moderately crazy, mainly because I can be perceived as one sandwich short of a picnic, so they really would need to be mad to be left with me as the only other human left alive.

Then I debated (with myself) the procreation question; if you were the only person left and you needed to choose another, should you choose someone to start the re-growth of a species? Would not doing so, really be choosing to terminate the human race yourself. For me this is a no brainer, sorry ladies, but most of my BFFs are boys, I get them. I am not a girly girl and would be far happier talking sports than shopping, clouds than make-up and food than… well everyone likes food don’t they.

So far, I have decided the person needs to be a useful, slightly crazy, bloke. So I posed this question to a person who fits the bill, and he decided that big boobs, small feet and a mute were more important characteristics, I did say they were mad.

I suppose that sums it all up, we each have our own unique answer to what is important in the person we would choose to save if the world was going to end.

Who would you choose? Anyone who thinks they fit either bill, feel free to apply for the chance to be chosen below…

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