Sunday Morning

I was woken at 06:08 yesterday and sent my eldest back to bed saying It’s the middle of the night, don’t wake me until 07:00. (Evil Mama)

I got up, checked in with Twitter and KiK. Made my way downstairs to talk to Maxi and make breakfast; porridge and pancakes, since it was his first time to go to Rugby training. Sorted DHs dinner for work, chicken curry a la Sunniva Anne. Put a wash on & started cutting DHs hair, when my doorbell rang.

I was in my PJs, hair all dishevelled, but DH was half way through his haircut shirtless, so I really had to be the one to open the door.  As I walked towards our front door, which is made of glass, I could see that it was Aunty G,  whose name I may have uttered just before I opened the door with a shocked word or two.

She had been asked late last night to step in as transport for her eldest son who was off to watch the British Touring Cars racing. Now this was to happen not far from our house and she lives a good hour and a half away, she is a dear friend who I’ve not seen in ages, so it really was a no brainer to turn up at my house at 08:50 on a Sunday Morning…. did I say 08:50 on a Sunday Morning.

My house was a tip – well it’s always a tip, but I had planned to spend the afternoon cleaning whilst the boys chilled after all their proposed exertions of the morning, and my husband was scantily clad, with my PJ clothed children, halfway through his haircut in the kitchen.

So I told her I was about to make pancakes, and I’d bring her a cup of tea but she needed to stay in the living room for a wee bit. Walked back into the kitchen, told DH, we were both in shock but Maxi was happy, he wolfed down his porridge and skipped into the living room to entertain her as I asked Twitter whether this was acceptable behaviour.

The day panned out, we went to rugby practice, had lunch, looked at photos, other friends called to say they wanted to show us their new car, they turned up, had coffee, played with the boys and later as I was bringing in the washing in I found myself thinking that the best thing that happened that day was that my friend, Aunty G, turned up at 08:50 unannounced (though she did text & FB message me, neither that I received in time).

Why? Well for a start I had to be sociable, she is amazing with the boys who love her to pieces, I had a shower in peace, and was given the opportunity to not have to think so hard. The boys helped too, they played nicely together, she was impressed, I was amazed!

It may have started a bit unsure, but ended up happy, and I haven’t had such a good day in a while. Yes, I am still grumpy, yes life still sucks, as I write now, my mind is wandering onto things that are just not helpful, but I am getting there.  Because today I wasn’t alone, my children were happy, I got hugs. Whilst I could focus on stuff I have no control over, I was distracted, so, thank you karma, thank you for sending a dear friend to my door at stupid o’clock, thank you for saving me today. Thank you.

Oh and I nicked one of her cloud pictures for you;

So… in the honour of Sunday morning, a bit of No Doubt & a bit of Velvet Underground. Cos I can’t choose which song I prefer…