My eldest, Maxi, has just started primary school.  This means he MUST be at school for 09:00 & be picked up at 14:50 (10 mins early so they can ensure the little ones find there parents before all the big children come streaming out.)

So yesterday afternoon, I was calling Mini to get his shoes on when he looked at me, smiled, and said, But I am stinky Mama


It takes ten minutes to get to the school gates by car (& before everyone complains, I live on the top of a hill, it was raining and the full days are making Maxi very tired, so walking up the hill home would be hell).

What do I do? Bundle Mini in the car, stinky and pick Maxi up on time or clean Mini up and be late for Maxi? (& just to make it more of a challenge, Maxi comes out first because he is in the first class and our surname is the first alphabetically in his class, so I MUST be on time)

I called a friend, but she didn’t answer, I was just bundling Mini up to put in the car, pick Maxi up and rush home (yes I was actually considering just letting him sit in poo for a few minutes) when my friends called back, she’s been in the same position & said of course she’d pick up Maxi, he’d love that as she is one of his favourite Mummy friends of mine.

I was cleaning Mini up, and yes, it was one of those ones where he was completely covered… yay me. So he was stripped and being hosed down when I asked him why he had an accident (he is four and not had one in ages).

I wanted to do something funny Mama

WTF?? What happened to my sweet little boy? Who put this one in his place that was just taunting me, had I not spent the last two hours playing with him & letting him lick icing covered utensils! Is this how it going to be in the days to come?

This whole school malarkey sounds good, one child away for 2.5 hours the other for 6, but it really means I am up and down our hill every two hours (or would be if DH didn’t do the morning run as that is the only time he sees his eldest son during the week). But I am still the one up at 06:30 when they are to get them dressed and breakfasted before they leave.

How on earth do single parents cope? They are surely superheroes. They must have an extra “coping” gene.

When DH was away with the navy when the boys were wee, it was a daily occurrence for me to be in tears with frustration (and acute sleep deprivation). I have no clue I have managed to be a Mama for fi

We have now sorted out our wee (or should that be poo) issue, I have both of my children in my care and I have calmed down. Cake has been consumed, coffee has been imbibed, I am in front of the laptop and they are quietly watching tv, not making a sound, life is good.

Time to make dinner…
Geez I sound like a bad parent… what accidents have your children had recently? Is it just me that is late because  someone does something just as we are walking out of the door?

*Just so you know, I ended up being about 5 minutes late, my friend had picked Maxi up and they were chattering away, happy as larry. Thank goodness for amazing friends x