I just had a bath, a hot, oily, deep bath. Not something I do very often, I am more of a shower girl. I can stand under the hot, hard spray of water for what seems like hours, watching it tumble over my skin.

I blog in my head in the shower. Lots of posts that rarely see the light of day. I don’t sing in the shower, but I listen to music. I escape and ready my head for whatever the day and my boys have to bring.

But this evening I had a bath, did I say it was hot and oily so my skin feels delicious. It hasn’t helped my sore back which I had hoped it would, but it felt good.

In the bath I did not blog. I did not think about my family, what did I do? I texted and nattered to friends and mostly played games; Words with Friends (WWF) and Song Pop (SP).

I have about 10 games with the same person on WWF, how that happen I don’t know, but for once we were both on line, and I think I played for two hours, turn after turn after turn. Only stopping to play SP, which I am most addicted to, even though I end up laughing at how dreadful I am at it.

Now I am quite competitive and a couple of people I play SP with are too, I won’t say more so, as if you talk to my sister I am über competitive, but with age I have learnt to laugh it off. Oh & the person I play WWFs with is about as competitive as me. It is most fun to give each other grief as we play.

I like that, as turn after turn, for the duration, I did not watch sport, or have any noise in the background, I did not work (oops) or clean house. I just played. Pure escapism, pure relaxation, pure bliss. Exactly as a bath should be.

So now, rather wrinkled, with a slight sugar rush (I sampled cookies before the bath, naughty) I have to motivate myself to be productive. But I will grab just a few more moments of peace before I do.

What do you do in the bath to find your bliss?