Mini Asks… Why did you grow up Mama?

Mini: Why did you grow up Mama?
Me: Because everyone grows up darling, you will be a grown up one day.

What I wanted to say was, I don’t know, it sucks being a grown up. You get bills to pay; when things break, it is your responsibility to fix them; you have to do your own laundry and you own ironing; if you don’t go to the food shop, there is no food in the house; the dishwasher doesn’t empty itself; the floors don’t vacuum themselves and neither do the loos clean themselves.

This is all fine when there is just one of you, but as you grow up, you seem to collect people, you find a partner, settle down and have a child, perhaps two. With each addition the jobs seem to multiply exponentially.

Sometimes disasters happen; you get sick, it gets hard to do the day-to-day stuff. Things slip, then it becomes too much. The job of just getting up in the morning is the hardest thing you can muster. You give yourself brownie points for having a shower. Even more for making it to the swimming pool, even if the medication you are on make you so sleepy that you fall asleep in the changing room for forty-five minutes.

Then there are stresses, a loved one dies; another is being bullied; there is nothing you can do; you feel helpless. You are made redundant; you fail; you find out why and that is another battle to combat. You get angry, you shout at your children, you lose you patience.

You learn that crying is not a bad thing, to let out emotion is how to get through.

But it is not all doom and gloom; you find love, in the most surprising of places; you own your destiny; you can choose to let the downs rule your life.  You choose where you live; what you do, within reason; sometimes you even get to save up and see the world.

You make friends; your heart expands with happiness; you smile, truly smile, with your whole body, as you find peace.

Life’s ups and downs are there to try us. We get to grow up and learn this; that it will be all right in the end.  That the smiles outweigh the tears, however hard it is sometimes to believe that.  There has to be a purpose, doesn’t there?  There has to be a reason, even if I have to still have to grow up to find out what this is.

And remember, when all else fails… To stop crying go cycling.

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