I used to do a good impression of Cousin It, I had long, dark, thick hair that would grow straight as a pin. Of course I would spend ages and ages trying to curl it, but a quick toss of the head and the curls would fall out.

I could almost sit on my hair at one point, and decided I needed a change. My boyfriend at the time was not impressed, so my hairdresser just cut my plait off, so I could give it to him. Yes I’ve pretty much been mad all my life, but if someone professes to like me, I want it to be for me, not what I look like; and to be honest he LOVED my new bob haircut.

That plait was over an inch in diameter, if I made a pony tail now (if my hair was long enough) it would be barely be a quarter of that.

I decided to cut my hair short for two reasons, one was that I needed to look different, I needed to kick-start a change in me, in appearance, fitness and attitude.  Did it work? Well I lost a ton of weight, which I have seen start to creep on again, and yes my fitness is better, but more than that it started a change of attitude.

I digress, I am talking about hair, not attitude today. The second reason I decided to cut my hair is because it is now really thin.  I was given a ton load of drugs at the beginning of the millennium, twinned with the stress that brought on, the inevitable loss of hair due to babies, and now; well lets just say each morning I wonder if I will need a comb over soon.

Ach, it’s not that bad, but because my skin is so pale and my hair so dark it is really obvious when my hair is wet. AND to top it off I keep finding white hairs… what is that all about, I am 37 for goodness sake.

I feel like I am moving into the Crone stage of my life.  Though I know really that I am firmly in the Mother stage. Gone are my days of being a Maiden. Though even though my boobs sag, and my stomach sags (thank you boys) I feel more settled within myself. I can quite happily admit that my hair is thinning and I’m getting more and more white hair, though they have been in my eyebrows for years.

I suppose every once in a while I see my wet hair, after having had a long hot shower, and thing, I want it to be long, and thick and vibrant. I want to have a long ponytail (my sons ask me often why I don’t grow my hair as they think they are cool). To have my hair brushed straight. To twist it up and secure it with a pencil whilst I am concentrating on something. Only to pull out the pencil and let it tumble onto my shoulders (yes I loved doing that).

I suppose now I am almost used to it, at lest it doesn’t take long to dry of a morning, and on a positive note, I can start to think what colour to die it.  I’ve never died my hair as I always said I would wait til my hair started to turn grey.  I want to go red, deep red, but I think that is probably a bit much. (read that none of my friends or family think this is a good idea), what colour should I go, hmmmm….

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