Flat Pack Furniature

The delicious Spencer at @SAHDandProud has been tweeting about having to make some flat pack furniture and has said (amongst other things)

“Flat pack assembly hell has begun. Cut myself and just shouted ‘ARSEBUCKETS’ when I dropped something on my head.”

And you know what? I am jealous… I LOVE 3D puzzles, the greater the number of steps the better. So many friends of mine complain about having to make up furniture and yet I jump at the chance to assist.  When it comes to DH, he doesn’t get a look in! Though to be honest he probably doesn’t mind as nowadays construction comes with avid helpers.

My eldest son, Maxi, is a creator, he is never happier that with a pair of scissors, a roll of tape and a cardboard box, the bigger the better.  He has come home from nursery with great creations; random  boxes, of things that we would rarely have in the house, stuck together with glue and tape.

He prefers decorations with pens and adhesion with tape, because he is impatient, and apparently that is fast. Today we have created a lightsaber, the fact that we own five shop bought versions (I kid you not, but one does belong to Daddy) is apparently not enough. So after arguing with Mama, who obviously knows nothing, one was made.

It reminds me of projects attempted in the house… all start with good intentions, though sometimes two adults with a different approach, result in an interesting state of affairs. A while ago we were getting some work done on our garden and we had to take down a shed, or put it up, I cannot remember; and the professional gardeners were very impressed with how DH and I interacted and communicated as we completed the construction.  Crazy really as I am a complete control freak. He knows to allow me to take control, always knowing that I do so as his second to his command.

And boy did this shed ticked all the boxes of flat pack delight. There were three huge boxes of parts, opened up onto our front garden, each sequential part laid out for all to see. Each bolt and panel counted and ticked off. A fitting into B and then screwing into C……