Not giving you up.

I just found this in my Drafts, written on 13 April 2011.. it made me giggle because it took me back to that moment in an instant.  I didn’t want to lose it, so I thought I’d share x

Not giving you up.

So I’ve given up caffeine, alcohol and sugar.
Stopped work to focus on being a better mother,
Put everyone before me;
I am not giving you up.

Caffiene was easy, cos that made me jittery,
And alcohol can depress me,
Sugar just adds to the fat…
But you go on reminding there is something to live for

So I say it again, and this time I’m to be listened to
Whatever it is, this is fact,

Yes this is a tantrum, more expected in one of five
Not thirty five, but no, no, no
It’s not fair, and I won’t be having it
I am just not giving you up.

So there!