I have a confession; I have started to read 50 Shades of Grey. I found out DH had read the trillogy and had it so I can read it on the Kindle App on my iTouch.

Now I have only read 4% of it, so I am not going to comment any more that I am finding it like reading a Mills and Boon novel, something I may have wanted to read as a teenager.

It reminded me of reading Judy Bloom and The Flowers in the Attic series whilst at school. Having said that I have not gotten to anything that exciting yet.

Anyway this is not about the book, its more about why on earth do I feel compelled to read it.

You see, nowadays, I rarely read fiction, though I sometimes read a few short stories on line, if they appear in the blogs I follow. I have a like for books about psychology, why people thing they way they do; books about mathematics; how brains work; and real life essays and the like; and of course cookery books. Though to be honest, I am usually too caught up with a conversation on twitter or trying to read or write a blog to get around to reading anything of an evening.

Oh and just to make it clear, I am a book girl all the way. I love the feel of a book in my hands, the smell of old dusty papers, and the tiny words on the page. So I think this is the first book I’ve got to read on Kindle.

Though I digress; why on earth do I want to spend time reading this book? DH has said that it is not something that I will particularly enjoy, it is two light and not gritty enough for my taste. I have also heard from people I respect that it is repetitive and not nearly as salacious as people are making it out to be. Though I have also heard how it has had a positive affect to relationships and has saved marriages.

I fall under the category, I suppose, it is focused towards, I am a housewife, but I have not really been inclined to read it. I have been told that the Twilight books are to be read too, but I have no desire to waste time to read those either.

So why this? I have come to the conclusion I am just being a Lemming, following everyone else, essentially to see what all the fuss is about. It has intrigued me that DH has read it, though I found that out by chance, apparently most of the lovely ladies he works with have read all of the books; and had raved about them. A wave of excitement sweeping their team.

So there we are.. Am I no longer the trailblazer I aspired to be, but the lemming, following the masses into the unknown? Hmmm… I think it is more that I am a nosey wench and needs to make up her own mind about stuff.