Parcel Tape

I have a confession, I am very good at collecting bits and pieces to send people; but I then leave the wee delights, not parcelled up for ages. (I still have bits from last years Christmas.. Eek). I have no clue why, it’s a bit silly really.

For a select few however, I have no problem at all… I will create parcels, write notes and post on the day I collect the contents.

Today is one of those days. One of those days, that I have used almost half a roll of packing tape and made bespoke boxes containing delights for some special people.

I’ve had to tell most of the recipients that something is coming; as I’m far too excited to keep it to myself. I know surprises are fun, but isn’t anticipation fun too? Only one person knows what’s in their parcel, but then again they did ask nicely (& hopefully it will create a smile)

You see I like sharing delights. I wish I could have sent more today. I like doing wee things to make people smile. It is not the receiving I enjoy as much as the giving.

Though don’t get me wrong, I LOVE getting surprises (surprises with anticipation all the better). I am, however, easily pleased; a hand written note; making time for a coffee; or a hug; create the biggest joys. Sharing something important to the giver makes me smile.

I suppose I like words the best. I am a lucky girl to have received many digital delights of late; words and audio. Surprises with thought; that have helped me smile from the inside out. (& you know who you are, thank you *mwah*)

I just hope my parcel tape covered treats cause smiles too. Even if it will take a while to get into them.