Cooking keeps me sane

Over the last couple of days stuff has happened (not dissimilar to this). Stuff has come back to haunt her.

So what can be done? She is a Mama and a wife and the first thing to be done is to hold it together, try not to share that she doesn’t have any solutions, no idea how to proceed… Yes the control freak who is used to having an a, b, c… z plan just doesn’t know what to do.
So what does she do? She plasters a smile on her face, shares the feeling of dread with a choice few; perhaps only sharing some of the intensity of feeling (people care but they have their own stuff to deal with and don’t need hours of repetitive wittering.)

Focusing on the mantra If you don’t like something, change it; if you can’t be bothered to change it, keep quiet about it.
Once that smile is there she wonders how to create the same for others… Cake… Cake and cookies fix everything.

So cupcakes are baked; then cookies are created; and while we are at it a loaf is prepared.

Sweet delights ready to battle the next day… Ready to make everyone smile. To remind us of perspective.

She has been reflecting on the news, heard from diverse sources. Health scares, fatal fires, terminal diagnosis; and she is reminded that she will get through this. She is lived; this is about stuff and money; not life threatening in the big scheme of things.

Cooking cakes and cookies will help to get through this.