I was tagged by the lovely Lewis over at BabberBlog (go read his blog, it is ace!).  Where was I… yes our children are constantly asking us why… constantly with Maxi, thank goodness for Google! What did our parents do before we had that great font of all knowledge?

So here is an opportunity to ask why back;

  • Why has my laundry increased exponentially with each person that has joined the household?
  • Why do you nag me that you are hungry for lunch/dinner, I cook what we have agreed on and you eat barely two mouthfuls?
  • Why have you stopped eating cooked vegetables?
  • Why do you want me to buy fish but you refuse to try it?
  • Why when one child wants to do one thing, the other wants the opposite?
  • Why when your brother has a toy, even if you have been happily playing with something different, that is the toy you MUST have?
  • Why are my things far more interesting than your toys?
  • Why are other children’s toys more exciting that your own, even if they are the same ones?
  • Why do cold compresses, that are just the same as at nursery, not work as well at home?
  • Why do you say that you would not behave this way at nursery or for Grama but its OK for Mummy?
  • Why is Tesco your favourite shop?
  • Why do you not listen when I ask you nicely, resulting in my having to shout to get your attention, yet you profess not to like “Shouty Mummy”?
  • Why are you still obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine?
  • Why do you want the same book read every night?
  • Why are you so bossy towards your brother?
  • Why, when you sleep in, do I still wake up at the crack of dawn?
  • Why do you want to be a girl? (OK I know that answer, it’s apparently because Mama is a girl and they rock)
  • Why do you use me as a climbing frame?
  • Why do you look so beautiful when you sleep?
  • Why are your snuggles so perfect?
  • Why do magic kisses fix everything?

I know I am supposed to tag people, but I think most people have done it…. let’s think… how about the delicious gents @AdamPlum & @iflibble and the truly gorgeous @Daisymaisylou. If you are on twitter and not following them, why not? Go… now.