Dinosaurs Love Underpants by Claire Freedman and Ben Court

I do love the book Dinosaurs Love Underpants, as do my boys.

They know all the words, can recite the book to me, tell me off if I read the words wrong and always count the pants at the end of the book.

I think I started that tradition so they could practice counting, and, since my children are creatures of habit, we cannot leave the book without checking that the 24 pairs there have grown or dwindled in quantity.

I have to be honest I like it because it rhymes, and it’s daft, and as was said to me earlier today, there just aren’t enough books about pants. If you are not aware of the story, I have read it for you here. It felt weird reading it without the boys as there are places that they join in, it just doesn’t quite sound right, silly I know.

The story maps the demise of the dinosaurs, and if I remember correctly, was my children’s introduction to dinosaurs.  A very popular topic in our house at the moment.
In fact a puppet brachiosaurus was made at nursery last week, and we have this amazing Lego set that makes three dinosaurs. Even though it is supposed to be aged 7-12, Maxi (who is 5) can make all three quite easily, sometimes all in one sitting.

The only problem with this book is knowing how to pronounce all the names of the dinosaurs, the one that I always found the hardest was Styracosauras which still may be
mispronounced in the audio.

I hope you enjoy, and remember, there aren’t enough books about pants… also if there are any requests for me to read other books, please do share, and if I have them I will try to oblige.

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Dinosaurs Love Underpants Cover
It all began when cavemen…
When T-Rex saw Man’s Knickers…
T-Rex pinched a furry pair…
Triceratops was happy…