Sexy Saturday

So thanks to jumping in on a conversation on twitter between the delightful ladies @DirtyLittleW and @DaisyMaisyLo from Dirty Little Whispers and The Pickled Princess, respectively, I find myself sat in front of the PC trying to decide how to join in with this weeks Sexy Saturday. Here is where you can find out all about it.

Pictures?! I said, not a chance… but then I was told that some prose would be fine. So that’s what I was going to talk about. Words.  How this week words, have made me feel good about myself and dare I say sexy, or smexy, to copy MotherVenting.

This week I have nattered to some wonderful people through the medium of txt, you know who you are.  Some old friends, some new friends, all very dear friends.

And I have read lots of words, I am trying to catch up on blogs that I have not read in a while, have found new ones and that always makes me feel good.  There is something about being “let in” to someone’s mind, or the parts they are willing to share, that makes my brain wake and feel alive.

Anyway, there I was alone in bed reading and nattering and eating gummy bears…

Naughty cos I am supposed to have given up on sugar, but I only had a wee packet.  It’s not a great picture as it’s from the iTouch, but you get the idea.

Now… go… join in, we should all feel sexy about ourselves, what has made you feel sexy this week?

Dirty Little Whispers