Today I am grumpy… I am grumpy because I am tired, I was falling asleep early last night. Thank goodness for twitter or I’d have been asleep by half seven, and my brain gets sluggish with too much sleep. It can’t cope. It gets confused.

Last night Mini woke me as he had wet the bed. Then DH woke me when he got home (I am usually up so that was not his fault). He was surprised to see a naked Mini in the bed… So that needed sorted. Then Maxi woke up and said he didn’t like being alone in his room (the boys share). Then he tried to fit in the bed, woke his Dad up – never a good thing. So I took him to his room and ended up trying to sleep there.

Now I am usually a stickler for everyone sleeping in their own beds, but I was so tired I just wanted people to be quiet! I needed DH to get sleep as if not he gets cranky, as do the boys & well I was actually in a good mood yesterday, tired but happy. I had some quite delicious conversations which made me smile – thank you x

So on to today, well today I am grumpy, my eyes hurt, I want sugar and caffeine, but am giving up sugar again, so have let me have one “real” coffee. And whilst I am grumpy and have LOTS of boring stuff to do, I realised that I am only grumpy due to tiredness… The fog in my brain is not what is causing it… Today’s grumpiness is normal, and that has made me smile.

I hope you have a delicious day, and as I said on twitter this morning; Big cuddles to you… Yes you… and here’s hoping we are all less grumpy this evening.