Blog Stalker?

I am currently; yes this very evening, reading writings of someone from the very start; through various iterations. You see I read their current blog and previous scribings have been mentioned. So, me being me; that is nosey, inquisitive and curious about the human psyche; asked where I could find these previous writings, and they were shared.

Now I am not going to share which blog this is, for a number of reasons including; I don’t know whether they want the old stuff shared; also some of it is NSFW (that’s not suitable/safe for work) thus I’m not sure it’s everyone’s cup of tea.

As I’ve said, I started reading right at the start, I am currently x-many through (I’ve lost count as I doesn’t matter) And what I really like is the pure openness… Now I am lucky as I know what the writer sounds like, so I can really hear them in their writings, how they phrase words etc. So that amuses me.

There is techie stuff, music stuff, parent stuff, personal stuff, foodie stuff, current affairs and opinion.

There are so many blogs out there that are a good read, but the ones that really capture my imagination are the ones with heart (this one has made me cry! though that could also be because I am tired).

One of my favourite blogs out there is Spencer’s blog at @SAHDandProud v2.0 and he definitely has the same honest quality, that can release the blubbering wreck in me (OK that is often not that difficult, but there you go).

The funny thing is, that it is not the traditionally sad stuff that sets me off. It is always the parts of articles that I “get” the most. The kind that hits a nerve with me, as I have been there, or more than likely still going through it.

So… To bloggers out there, please don’t stop, I love reading your work, I love being immersed in it. I want to slow down reading this current blog as I can see the dates move along and I wonder when I will run out of words to read.

And yes… I suppose reading a blog from the start in an evening, could be called blog stalking, but it is not the first time, and it won’t be the last. It’s kind of like reading a good book, a saga, one with twists and turns and developments… But most of all honesty.

Thank you for sharing x

Oh and of anyone is interested I am listening to Tourist by Athlete… On a constant loop. I am sure I am on the third time round, but it is (for no particular reason) my current obsession music of choice.

There are much worse ways to occupy your time; I encourage you to find a blog and read it from the start. Seeing it evolve is like watching The very hungry caterpillar evolve into a butterfly.