So we’re driving back from the climbing wall; the rain is pelting down on the windscreen and I start to wonder if I should go out on the bike.

Now just so you know we’d cut climbing down to just over an hour, so I could come home to sort out the mountainous pile of laundry (Mini wet the bed again). This afternoon the boys have swimming lessons, Mondays are
hectic and exhausting for all. I also need to pack the swimming bag, make dinner for DH (he now works evenings) & make lunch for everyone.

So there I am, truly debating going out, knowing how good it will feel to be rained on as I cycle, getting my clothes soaking wet, to the skin, feeling hot and chilled at the same time. Not that I want!

I don’t want to have to hang out washing; I don’t want to do the hoovering; the cup of coffee I have been promised is appealing mind, though the reason I want to go cycling is to avoid it all.

I feel like a toddler having a tantrum, but I want to get away from the hamster wheel existence of housework….