Tomorrow I am going to do an areal assault course at one of my favourite places, the Queen Elizabeth Forest; a place I have written of often. It is to celebrate both my climbing partner and my birthdays, which are days apart. There will be ten lovely ladies participating in this event.

It is at Go Ape, there are sites all over the UK, this one has the longest and highest zip wire in the country.  I have watched people go over this as the boys and I have been walking through the forest. It has always looked like fun. I’ve wanted to try it for ages, but thought £30 for a zip wire was a bit much. However, it isn’t just a zip wire; it is a two to three hours filled with climbing and walking over rope bridges, between trees; all in a beautiful setting.

And I am bricking it… Everyone who I have talked to who is going seems to be the same. The last time I was there and knew I was going I almost threw up when I saw someone going over it. I am nauseous now as I am writing this. That will be me at about eleven am tomorrow!

I am also exceedingly excited.  I can’t wait to face fears and feel adrenalin course through my body. I am hoping it will blow away some of the cobwebs in my brain.  Dissipate the fog that seems to have found a resting place in the depths of my mind.

Talking to some of the other victims participants, they agree too.  Some have had bad weeks and cannot wait to feel.

I often get the most timid at the start, getting over that edge, whether it be a mental or physical boundary is not always easy for me, I hesitate.  I am hoping that this experience makes me feel free.

So… I wonder what tomorrow will bring, though the anticipation is pure pleasure.

PS, this is NOT my picture, I will have some after tomorrow, this picture came from here.