OK I’m spoiling you, two posts in a matter of minutes.  I just want to confess that marshmallows are talking to me…

Every time I walk into the garage, the big bag of plump pillows of sweetness, left over from Mini’s birthday party, keep saying EAT ME!

I think I have eaten about twenty today (ok perhaps even more… eek!)  It’s OK I have distributed some to the team too, but I have definitely had the lions share!

The funny thing is, that I am not really a huge fan, I do like them toasted, burnt and caramelised on the outside and soft on the inside, the hot bursting sugar contrast coating my mouth.

Though all I have time for is a sneaky one (or two) if I pop in to the garage (which is has a connecting door to it from the house and houses my “extra food” & alcohol storage space).  A quicky as I would surly be found out if I started toasting them, releasing their heady scent through the house.

OK that is it… am off for another… anyone else fancy one, there are more than enough to share!