Moon Zoo by Carol Ann Duffy & Joel Stewart

To fuel my addiction of Audioboo, I have recorded a new story; Moon Zoo by Carol Ann Duffy & Joel Stewart.

This book was given to me by my sister when my eldest was really wee, I don’t think he could even talk yet, and trust me, he has been talking for what seems like forever!

It has a story and interesting pictures, and at the time, lots of the books we had were either picture books or stories with no pictures (grown ups books).
(I’d just like to add that the first book I read my son was the Brief History of Scotland)

Anyway, both my boys know this story by heart, and I used to be able to recite it too, though it has been a while since it has been requested for bedtime.  It is all about animals at a zoo on the moon being fed.

Like many children’s stories it ends up with the characters going to bed, but before that it talks about the suppers of all the different animals.

“She’s got Neptune salad. Pluto pie,
Stardust sugar from Orion’s sky,
Angel fish, meteor bars,
Purple Pumpkin for the planet Mars.” 

Perhaps it is my penchant for food, or my love of stories that rhyme; but this story has always been a firm favourite with me.

I found it hard to read for Audioboo, primarily as I am learning that I talk REALLY REALLY fast, but also because I think I sound exceedingly stupid when I talk slowly.  My brain works fast and doesn’t like to wait for information; it is impatient; it is hungry; it needs to be fed data!

So I tried… I love other peoples Boos, both messages to me and the ones they share with all, so I try to share too.  Please, comments are most welcome & requests are desired.