L not Y

Anyone overhearing my current conversations with Mini might be getting confused, as I keep asking him to say words that start with the letter L.

Current favourites include;
Logs, Lollipop, Laughter and Lion

What an odd thing I hear you say, well it is because I have noticed that he has yet to develop the ability to make the sound of an L, the sound comes from the back of his mouth, he does not use his tongue, so the noise he produces is that of a Y.

Logs becomes Yogs, Lollipop becomes Yoyeepop etc

So we are reminding him; and he is getting there. In the past week, with prompting he will get it right, though his he has started to say Lellow rather than Yellow.  I suppose it is hard for a soon to be four-year old to always get his tongue around the English language.

Apparently this is quite a normal thing, nothing to worry about and all that; and to be honest he does sound very cute. We are very lucky as the speech therapy available to the children from pre-nursery throughout school here is amazing, so I am not really worried.

Do you children have difficulty saying certain letters? What are your tricks to encourage them to say things correctly? Does it really matter to you?