Reasons to be Cheerful

I always enjoy thinking of what to write for Mich’s bloghop #R2BC. Even when I didn’t blog of late, I would always try to be positive at the end of the week and remember the good things that have happened.

This week I am cheerful for the following…

  • I’ve started Blogging Again… I’ve missed it and I’ve gotten out of the habit of it, though I’ve been blogging in my head the whole time I’ve been away (those posts are always far wittier and less solemn than I seem to write).
  • I have found a new bike route… which is great fun, and can be done whilst boys are in nursery… It’s only 25km, but I are limited for time.  Hopefully I’ll get to do it again Friday.
  • My climbing didn’t suck as much this week… I’ve still forgotten how to climb, but now I think there is light at the end of the tunnel.
  • I’ve gotten to natter to you… *big smiles*
  • Maxi has been writing books… he’s half way through his fourth this week.  All are fully illustrated, and I might share some of his rather surreal stories on here soon.
  • I’ve been introduced to Audioboo.. and have even recorded something… Eek! I have also heard a few of my twitter friends voices.  I like that, as it adds another dimension to my reading their tweets. (I would like to add that I do not sound at all like I sound in my head for real, which makes me cringe every time I have to listen to me)

And just because I haven’t shared any pictures of cake, here is a birthday cake for a special person, that I baked at my mother’s house (a bit of a disaster) but looked OK in the end (icing covers a multitude of sins!). Oh and it was supposed to be a coffee cake.

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart