The Gallery – Action

I’ve not joined in with The Gallery for a while and I’m not quite sure if I am interpreting Tara’s theme of Action as intended, but here goes;

Whilst down south recently; on a dreich grey day (most of them were); I had the opportunity to spend a delightful day ambling down the South Bank, in London.  The aim was to have a good gossip with a dear friend and attempt to take some interesting photographs.  It hailed, it rained, the sun came out, there was thunder and lightning; the camera got wet, the lens fogged up, but here are a few of the shots I took.

We wandered past a skate park and even though there were only a couple of people there, the energy was obvious.

Round the corner was a carousel turning; playing a haunting tune; as giggles poured from the riders.

Though I think this was my favourite site…. the driver kept passing us; it seemed as though he had nowhere to go; his purpose just to drive.

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