On Losing My Mojo

I think my mojo decided to run and leave around the time the Christmas decorations were being packed away. I did notice it seep away but was not fast enough to catch it.

It hasn’t helped that I have had injuries and fallen into bad habits of not exercising enough, partaking in a glass of wine (or two) on a regular basis, eating cake, and indulging in my twitter addiction *sigh*.  That twinned with my biggest confidant being uber busy, so rather than being told to buck up my ideas and get to it, get reminded of (what I already know) needs to be done, I’ve been lazy… Mojo probably got fed up with my apathy to life.

I recently went on a road trip to my parents, 1,472 miles (round trip with a few detours) in my wee car, just me and the boys. I got to hang out with three glorious goddesses and three gorgeous guys. For a moment I felt less just a Mama and more like Sunniva Anne.  I used this opportunity to try new things and plan new opportunities.

Then I came back to reality, to the messy house that seems such a huge project to sort, to a new routine, which in itself has its plus points, but it often still feels like I am wading through treacle.

I am trying hard to capture my mojo.  Not just for blogging, but for everything.  Mostly for being a good Mama, wife and friend.

I am indebted to the friendships I have nurtured of late, they have truly kept me going.  Though I know I have to find a way forward myself, not because of another human being.

Hmmm… thanks, as always for listening, I will endeavour to post more pictures of cake, that seems to make everyone happy and I have some new ideas for here too… we shall see,  perhaps that mojo is returning after all.