Comparing A to C

So I’m lying in bed; trying for the life of me to sleep; knowing that I have to get up early and not only function on a mental level but a physical one; willing myself to sleep yet still sleep evades me.

Am I too hot? no, too cold? not really. I know I am tired because I started yawning at about four o’clock this afternoon… What is wrong with me?!

I try to count sheep, that’s what you do, Isn’t it?

I soon get bored with that, and my mind starts to wander to comparing things, my children… don’t go there… favourite things… nope that isn’t conclusive enough either.

Numbers, you like numbers, why not compare 1 and 0… nope that has been done… proof here but for those not inclined to click

Assume “a” is any integer not equal to 1 and that 1 = 0.
0*a = 0
0 = 1
1*a = 1
a = 1 Contradiction!

So lets compare letters, A to B… not fair, every time I think of B I see a yellow and black fuzzy black thing trying to pollinate flowers, lets ditch B and compare A to C.

Let do similarities… 

  • Well the obvious, they are both letters, can’t argue with that.
  • They are the same size, both as capitals and small case
  • If each letter in the alphabet was given a number associated with their place A would be 1 and C would be 3 thus they are both odd letters.

Now for differences;

  • A is angular and C is curvy… see the words that describe them even start with their letter.
  • A is a vowel and C a consonant… can letters really get more different from that?

Which one do I prefer? Hmmm well they both have their place, I suppose, you can’t have cake without both of them for a start…

Should one really like one letter more than another? probably not…

In conclusion… zzzzzzzzzzzzz

OK so it worked… may not have decided yet which is preferred, but I am at last asleep xx
(To be continued?)

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