Listography – Top 5 Beauty Products

Kate has posed an interesting topic this week, one for the ladies she thinks… but it’s so not me it’s laughable.  In fact if you look at our bathroom, most of the potions in it belong to my husband, or are at least his choice.  So this list took a long time to construct, and yet there was so little to choose from.

Like most of the things in my life, I am not brand focused, I will more than happily use an own store brand, as long as what is being done (e.g. wash my hair) is being suitably performed.  I think it stems back to when I was growing up and first of all we weren’t given much of a choice, and second of all, unbeknownst to me, we really couldn’t afford to spend a fortune on stuff.

I have no patience for make-up, shock horror; I do not, or at least rarely moisturise; so perhaps I do not have this girl gene, however I do however make up for it in other ways..

Chanel #19
 is the what I smell of.

I have one bottle of perfume, that generally lasts from Christmas to Christmas, it used to be XS Pour Elle, Paco Rabanne, but they stopped making that whilst I was pregnant with Maxi almost six years ago and it cannot now be found anywhere for love nor money, so after almost eighteen years of using the same fragrance, I had to pick a new one.

I sent DH to choose between Chanel #5 and Coco & he got Chanel #19, which I do like lots.

Jo Malone Red Roses Bath Oil which I’ve actually run out of… so any donations will be more than welcome. Ha!

I once temped at the Jo Malone shop in Edinburgh, it was great, it was just after Christmas, the shop was not that busy and the lovely ladies insisted that I try all the products.  I was sent home with testers for candles, body spray, hand lotion, you name it, and one of my favourites, to my surprise was Red Roses Bath Oil.

To my surprise as the fragrance is incredibly girly, it is romantic, heady and smells like you are surrounded by beautiful long-stemmed damask roses.  The bath oil makes the water almost milky and your skin silky soft.

I may prefer to have a shower, but when I do decide to take a bath, this is what I like to lower my body into.

Euthymol Toothpaste is delicious and doesn’t taste of mint. However it is Fluoride free, and since the water in Scotland is not fluorinated I don’t get to use it any more, oh that and DH isn’t a great fan.

I love it as it reminds me of my Dad, he used it all the time when we were growing up, and I am sure I just used the same as him.  I also love it as it makes my tongue tingle, it’s strong medicinal flavour is only let down by its colour… pink!

Original Source Lime Shower Gel is what gets me up ever morning.

No, you may well be surprised, that it is not coffee that makes me function of a morning it is a hot shower, preferably one that does not include little ones running in and out of the bathroom screaming at each other.  However we can’t always get what we want, but what I need to go with my powerful, hot shower is Original Source Shower Gel, all zesty and yummy.

The Climb On Bar is just the best thing ever, it soothes any sore skin, whether that be a rub from climbing, a burn, a scratch, a dry piece of skin, it is magic in a tin.

Now I was lucky; a darling, wonderful friend sent some over for me to distribute between my climbing buddies, however once that was done there was none left for me (though I use to “borrow” my children’s stash). However at Christmas my darling sister, bought me some, and was hugely surprised when I was more excited about it, than anything else I’d been given, and she was so disappointed it came in such a small jar. But do not be deceived by its size, this stuff will last you ages.

It smells yummy, it feels yummy and it works… what else do you need?

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