The Recipe Shed – Savoury Pancakes

OK so this is not totally veggie, but one of the fillings is… hope it counts.  Also I was up against the clock when I made these, so I cheated, lots!

So the day before Lent starts is Shrove Tuesday, AKA Pancake day, a you get to eat pancakes (I say this as the US chums I was talking to about it, had no clue what I was on about when I was excited it was pancake day, I think it is just a British thing, note to self, must investigate)

So I made a double batch of Delia’s pancakes and yes I know for those that know me, will be shocked as I am not a great Delia fan, but they were the top recipe when I googled it.  I did however just bung all the ingredients together and use the hand blender to make a nice smooth batter.

When I make pancakes I heat the pans, add some oil, swirl the oil around and then pour as much as I can out.

Then I add the batter, more than I need, swirl it round and then pour the excess out, use the spatula for the first flip and then just flip them in the pan for the second. I was getting quite good at the end as I made over 30 small pancakes.

The big things is to make sure your pan is hot (but not smoking) otherwise they stick and go horrid.

I made three savoury fillings

  1. grated cheese and hot dogs (for the boys)
  2. leek and chorizo – chorizo cooked in a pan with a smidge of olive oil, then add the leeks, sweat down slowly so it doesn’t colour and then season
  3. refried beans, salsa and sour cream
    • My cheat refried beans are made by draining a tin of  red kidney beans, washing them and then putting them in a pan with about half a pint of water, then I season them with Cajun spice mix (see below), a heaped teaspoon of coriander in a jar and a good slug of chilli sauce.
      Bring the water to the boil and mash the beans, then reduce to the required constancy. I say this as I often make this as a dip so I leave it a bit wetter.
    • For the Salsa, I chopped two tomatoes and a small onion and seasoned with salt and pepper, coriander (from a jar again) and chilli sauce
    • I would have made guacamole had I had any avocados, but just used sour cream (well it was Crème fraîche really)

Then all I needed to do was assemble and eat… well that is what the boys did, I just kept making more pancakes!

For sweet ones, I had one with lemon and sugar, but the boys just had nutella…

Oh and anyone noticing what my children ate, as I made the pancakes they must have devoured a quarter of a cucumber, half a pepper and a carrot each.  They are not fans of cooked veg, but eat lots of raw stuff & as I said Mama was running a wee bit late with dinner, so they were hungry.

Cajun Spice Mix

  • 2 x Smoked Paprika
  • 1 x Onion Granules
  • 1/2 x Garlic Granules
  • 1 x Ground Cumin
  • 1 x Cayenne Pepper
  • 1/2 x Salt or a stock cube
  • 1 x Pepper

Mix the ingredients in the proportions above (I usually have a batch made up in a jar as I use this lots in my cooking.

Now I do often use chilli flakes rather than cayenne and cumin seeds rather ground, and I often add 1 x Italian herbs, it just depends on my mood or what is in the spice draw.

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