The Gallery – Landscapes

The lovely Tara at Sticky Fingers has set the prompt of Landscapes for this week’s Gallery.

So the boys and I went for a drive on Sunday to see what we could come up with. Mini promptly fell asleep but Maxi and I took some pictures… I need to download his (they go onto a different computer… DH’s system!)

Here are some of mine, hope you enjoy the beautiful countryside I am truly blessed to live near, even though the day I chose to take pictures had horrid light thus it is not shown off at its best.

This is the Wallace Monument, you can see it for miles around the Stirling countryside.

The following shots are from up in the Ochil hills, a place I like to drive up to and walk through. A place that was a true lifesaver when Maxi was a baby as he was a bad sleeper and we would often take a drive up into the hills to sooth him to sleep.

I do love the view up to the mountains and the skeletons of the trees on the horizon.

It’s just a beautiful place.

These are small pylons, there is talk of putting huge pylons through these beautiful hills, I can understand the argument for and against, they are to move the clean energy being produced up north down so it can be used, but it is such a shame it will be such a blot on the landscape.