Listography – Top 5 things that make me happy.

Now I’ve not long written a post called The Happiness Project – What Makes You Happy? and I suppose that goes into more depth, but today’s top five things that make me happy, as set by the delightful Kate at Kate Takes 5 are…

  1. Getting to hang out the washing on the line on my own with no little children pestering me… I think this is more about the peace, I do like to sneak off to the supermarket on my own too
  2. The sound of the notification of a text… knowing who it’s from
  3. Walking in my front door and seeing a freshly vacuumed stairs carpet and tidy hall way… This does not happen as often as it should do
  4. Climbing with my climbing partner… she’s ace
  5. Not having to decide what we are doing, where we are going or  what we are going to eat.  Being told and surprised… This rarely happens either, but when it does it’s lovely

OK those are my current top five, in no particular order, slightly odd I know, but you should know by now I am quite kooky.

Why don’t you write yours and link up.