OK I’ve always liked the idea of Lent my mother instilled that into me, even with her atheist values; which was to take something up that would improve your life or those around you.

On Sunday, I was standing in the kitchen, looking at my twitter timeline and wondering what to do for this year, I remembered this post I had read about Twitter being more addictive that alcohol and cigarettes and it came to me… give up Twitter, Facebook, IMs and texts.  Then I was reminded that I have Maxi’s birthday coming up for which I am managing his after party on Facebook, as well as keeping track of some sad news, so I thought I’d allow myself  to keep in touch with people there. Also I use texts to keep track of what’s going on, and for work so I’d better not give that up, so that leaves me Twitter and IMs.

Now I floated this idea and got a myriad of responses, from “hardcore” to “that’s a stupid idea” to “I’ll miss you” to “if that’s what you want to do, I support you” to “well you don’t mean you’re going to stop talking to me”.

It made me think. I love my twitter family, and that’s what I think of some of them, family. They are always there, to answer random questions, listen when there is stuff going on and give you a lift on bad days.  Would I give up talking to my family for 40 days; highly unlikely; but more’s the point, what value would that bring.

Many people I know just don’t “get” twitter, they see it as a useless waste of time, they don’t understand that you can form friendships with people you have not met, and are shocked when I say I have met some twitter chums for real. (The last who gave me her baby to look after about five minutes of meeting me for real)

To them I say, I respect your view but Twitter makes me smile.  I get to talk to some amazing people I would never have met without it.  People so different from me, all over the globe, who share new things, new thoughts and different points of view; are cheeky with me; make me laugh and send hugs when required.

So after much deliberation (well at least as long as it’s taken for me to write this, as I was going to say I was going to give it up when I started) I think I’ll give up alcohol, sugar, caffeine and do more exercise, unless I think of something awesome to do tomorrow. This I’d like to add is reasonably easy for me, as I take on these challenges most of the year.  However my parents are visiting this weekend and Maxi’s fifth birthday party is the week after, so those two events will be a challenge.

I will also be curbing my twitter usage, as per my new years resolutions which I have kind of failed on to date. Though I won’t be gone altogether. I also will endeavour to blog every day. I have lots of birthday prep to share, so that should be fun and perhaps more recipes to write, as I have been convinced that it’s OK to write “made up” recipes with “approximate” ingredients (I am so dreadful at following recipes).

So there we go… Are you giving up anything or taking up anything and if so what?

(This was truly going to be a goodbye for 40 days post when I started, I just convinced myself it was a stupid idea by the end)