Yesterday was Valentines Day… that day that DH thinks that Hallmark has taken over and in his opinion made a wee bit tacky. I agree, as one shouldn’t need to be told to be romantic, or silly or to remind those that you hold dear, that you love them.

I suppose, however, that I am a bit of a lemming; it would have been nice to have had a grand gesture focused in my direction; but there we go; I was blessed by a myriad of delicious small gestures.

I got to have lunch with three gorgeous, lovely, adorable, guys (ex work colleagues) and my two wee ones.  My boys were ecstatic as they got to go on a train and to Tesco’s (which is their current favourite place as I let them look at toys; even though they know we are not going to buy any)

And someone I love dearly shared this, which made me giggle, and is so true.  I know I posted it on twitter, but I just in case you missed it… x