A series of Firsts

OK I know, you’re supposed to be tagged to join in these things, but I have been bad and haven’t blogged in ages… and I liked this, I love thinking back and reminiscing, and it made me smile reading what other people had written, so I thought I should share…

Who was your first boyfriend?

His name was Stephen, I had tennis practice on a Saturday morning and he and his sister used to play too, I have no idea how he asked me out, but I think we went to the cinema, to watch Memphis Belle. I think I was 14 or 15, he was lovely, and because I was also good friends with his sister, Mum let me hang out at his house a couple of times. We broke up when his family emigrated to Australia, I did always think it was an extreme exit strategy.  I unfortunately lost touch, and I can’t for the life of me remember his surname or his sisters name.

First person you kissed?

That’s Stephen again, I remember the feel of his hair, very thick, coarse on the fingers and very curly. Thinking back I also remember he had really soft lips… I also seem to remember kissing him lots outside our front door and my parents often eventually flicking the switch to get me to come in.

First job?

First paying job was picking raspberries with Zoe and Clare.  It was hot, the bushes were small so you have to bend down, to top it off they have thorns, we should have asked for danger money, but instead we were paid peanuts, but I was 13 almost 14 so earning money seemed ace.  We only did it a couple of times and I  soon was old enough to become a waitress, that job lasted a while and earned much better money.

First pay packet? What did you buy with it?

I have no clue, but I am a bit of a boring saver, so would probably have put it in the bank.  I do, however, remember what I spent my first bonus on.  I sent my parents on holiday to Portugal.  Just a short trip, but it was supposed to be a thank you for helping me through the time I was at Uni and well just for always being there.

First CD you remember buying?

Oh I have no clue… now I am wondering why I wanted to write this… it was probably something for my now husband, as I don’t remember having a CD player until I left University, I was always a cassette girl.  Thinking back, it was probably something dull like a U2 anthology, bleh… can’t stand them to this day, and I think it has been hidden lost.

First holiday abroad?

OK this is also a hard one, as I was born abroad, so my first holiday was actually to the UK, a round the world trip to visit my Grandparents, I was six months old but have no recollection of it at all.  However I do know that do this day my sister still is peeved that I got to go on a round the world trip and she didn’t.

The first family holiday I remember was to Soulac in France.  I was in Primary School. It was a camping holiday, in those big tents that are already put up for you. It rained lots, but my Dad made shadow animals on the side of the tent.  I remember horrid showers and collecting moule frites in big saucepans yum… this holiday was memorable as my Dad’s car broke down, he couldn’t remember the word for clutch so had to explain how a clutch worked to the mechanic (Dad pretty much speaks fluent French).  My sister and I thought it was great, we got to have an extra couple of days holiday.  To my parents it was much more tough and cost a small fortune.  It was a long time until we went on another family holiday.

What age were you when you moved out of your parents’ home?

I was just 18, I moved out to University having spent the summer in California working for my Uncle.  I did come back during the holidays, but only moved my stuff back once, then I ensured that my leases covered holidays as well.  I met my husband when I was 19 and my mother, to this day, thanks him for taking me away and ensuring I don’t end up on their doorstep. (Thanks Mum)

Oh that’s it… I could go on…

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