The Happiness Project – What Makes You Happy?

After yesterday’s grump I thought I’d try and think of happy things, as I know it’s not all bad and then I remembered that a couple of years ago I was asked to write down what made me happy, so I thought I’d share what I came up with then and now for Kate’s happiness blog hop.

Now most of these are quite predictable, though what I noticed then, and what I truly know now, is that it is the small things that make me the most content.

Smells, sounds, tastes all figure highly; the sound of a notification when I know you have sent me a message; the smell of a stew in the slow cooker as I walk in the front door; 85% cocoa chocolate and a cup of coffee while the house is silent. Broccoli cooked every way, but particularly steamed, still with a bite and served with soy and chilli sauce.

My children make me happy, the make my heart swell with joy.  Maxi brought home a project he’d done at nursery on electricity, he’s only four, but it made me feel so very proud, a pride that makes me realise that him and his gorgeous brother are my life, their smiles, kisses, hugs, are the reason for being.

My friends make me happy, sharing space with them, sharing secrets, being there when they need to talk, knowing what they are up to and sharing their happiness.

For me, happiness doesn’t always come easy, now that’s not to say I’m not a half full kind of girl, in fact I am, but some days I find myself pondering bleak emptiness. Thus it was advocated that I keep a list of these things and make the effort to experience them often, daily in fact, to remind me of the good things, the reason for living, and to help lift my down days, brought on by a brain that is a bit screwy at times.

As for what is happiness, I suppose that question has a myriad of answers and many polar opposites in my book.  For instance quiet is happiness, inner peas, contentment in ones self that the path you have chosen is right. Yet noise, the kind that fills your mind with energy, the good kind of stress that makes you productive these are all happiness too.  Most of all it is the knowledge that I am loved, for the person I am, warts and all.