My body aches, my head is sore.  Battling with two hyper, tired children is taking its toll.  I am usually very patient, but I am fed up with the cyclical, almost monotonous nature of dealing with toddlers.

Today has been filled with screams, some with joy, though most of anguish. Pushing boundaries and endeavouring to stamp their presence on this earth.  If it isn’t screaming it is the incessant talking, interrupting every conversation so I lose my train of thought.  Being so loud I can barely hear myself think or a person on the phone.

I know I would choose their high-spirited natures over quiet personalities, I know this as I am high-spirited; I am noisy; I get over excited.  But I have learnt that life requires a balance, a time for noise and a time for quiet.

My mother would not have tolerated this behaviour, she would have given that look, and heaven save us if she had to open her mouth, she thinks that the boys walk all over me, but I think space to be, is important.  I just wish DH understood.  I am tired of the shouting, tired of the underlying irritation and frustration.

I just want to escape, get away from this, but then, out of the blue, arms come up for a hug and the words “Mummy, I love you, you are the best” are spoken. That makes all the noise, the bruises from being jumped on, the back-chat and being ignored bearable.

Oh and they are such angels when they sleep.