Listography – Top 5 Biscuits

I am usually really late linking up to Kate’s Listography, but this week I couldn’t resist the topic of biscuits… But I have a problem, I’m not a great fan of shop bought ones, so here’s a list of my top home-made biscuits…

1/ Shortbread – Now first of all I live in Scotland, so everywhere you pop in for a wee cup of coffee (I don’t drink tea) will normally serve home-made shortbread to a pretty high standard, I don’t have a go-to recipe, but to be honest, how can you go wrong with butter, caster sugar and flour?

2/ Peanut Butter Cookies – I made these for my Mum’s Birthday as Peanut Butter Cookies are one of her favourites and she said they were the best she’d ever tasted.  I always use crunchy peanut butter… and well they have passed the test of more than one of my American friends.

3/ Choc Chip CookiesThese are a big favourite with my boys, I usually make them as take home presents for their birthday parties, and even without the M&Ms if I just need to get a quick cookie out.  I love their chewy middle and crispy outside… I could eat lots of these eek…

4/ Chocolate Shortbread Swirls – OK there is a huge faf about having to make two biscuit doughs, rolling them out and wrapping them up, but this is an awesome recipe.  Green and Blacks cocoa is so chocolatey, that I rarely even add the chocolate chunks as it really isn’t required.  I often make these as presents at Christmas, as they are just oh so yummy!

5/ Vanilla Sugar Biscuits – Talking of Christmas Presents, this is the recipe of the over a hundred trees I made as gifts this year – a truly good recipe.  The boys and I make these all year round, sometimes halving the recipe.  What makes it so good?  The fact you add vanilla bean, so the final result is flecked with vanilla deliciousness.  I rarely ice them, though will sprinkle some edible glitter over them, just for some sparkle.

OK, hope that makes you all want to go out and start baking… A huge thank you to Karen AKA @scatteredmom who’s blog Chasing Tomatoes is the first place I ever look for a new cookie recipe.

PS top 5 shop bought would be;

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