Listography – Top 5 Tips for Bloggers

OK I feel a bit of a fraud writing this as I still consider myself a newbie at blog writing.  I have been doing it for a year now, and would have loved to have read some of the lists last year when I was starting out.  With that in mind, I thought I’d add my two pennies worth…

1/ Read, Read, Read
I think I’ve probably learnt the most reading what others write, no I don’t mean I plagiarise what they’ve written, I mean I get ideas on what people are talking and blogging about.  I realise that my wee blog doesn’t really fall into a particular category, it does a bit of this and a bit of that, and that’s OK with me (see number 5) but I often get ideas from a post someone else has written elsewhere, even if most of the time I just write what’s on my mind of a particular day.

I am also motivated by some amazing writers and photographers whose blogs I regularly pursue. I’ve been meaning to write a blog roll of who my must read’s are, some of them are; Slugs on the Refrigerator; Notes from the Cookie Jar; SAHDandProudChronicles of a Reluctant House Dad; Ex Nihilo Infinitum (OK I could go on, I read lots and lots). But truly I aspire to be as witty, creative and dam right clever as these people.

2/ Publicise
I was really nervous to do this at first, and to be honest telling people I know about the blog still makes my stomach turn, but I started to publicise my posts on twitter, and it seemed easier to share with people who I didn’t have to see on a day-to-day basis.  Funny thing, even though my family know about it, I don’t think any of them read it.  Even my husband.  A couple of my best friends subscribe, a couple dip in and out, none of them comment, but the people who seem to read it are my twitter chums, and I love each and everyone who bothers to do so… even though (see point 5), it’s OK if no one reads it too.

3/ Join up
I join up with different linky’s Listography, The Gallery, The Recipe Shed, Reasons to be Cheerful and (when it was a linky & now using the #SilentSunday) Silent Sunday… they give me structure, that I have to post something on a particular day, or in a timeframe, and they give me a prompt to get the writing or photographing juices flowing.

4/ Don’t just blog because
When I started blogging I set myself the task to write something everyday.  Which was great, and to begin with I did.  But I soon ran out of ideas, or something happened that I couldn’t get to the PC or my head wasn’t in the correct place to share words.  So my advice would be to write when you want not just because.  This is very different to what I read about, and I suppose it’s why I have a smaller readership than some.  The common advice is to decide when to post and stick to it, are you a once a week, a couple of times a week or an every day blog.  That is probably the better advice, but to be honest, this is for me (see post 5) and I am bad enough about scheduling my real life let alone my blog… I have been known to post more than once in a day, because the mood took me, or not at all, when I cannot string words together.

5/ Write what you want, not what others say you should
Remember that this is your space, decide why you are blogging and stick to it; for me it was just to get things out of my head, to practice stringing sentences together and actually writing things, which I hadn’t done for an age; and when someone says something that you may not like, or steers you away from posting what you want to, remind yourself that this is for you.  You write what you want.  If they want to write a blog then they can and if they don’t want to read it, that’s their choice.  When I had this problem, I threw the question out on twitter, and can’t thank people enough for saying that this is MY space to do with whatever I will.

OK so that’s my two pennies, see what other people have written and join in too.