The Gallery – Eyes

Oh I have been so bad at linking up recently, one of my new years resolutions is to not forget and to get my act together to join in.

This week the prompt is Eyes.

A while ago I was playing with my iTouch… I find its camera frustrating as the resolution is often pants, and, even though I get told it’s a UE (that’s User Error to those that don’t talk in TLAs), I just do not seem to get great pictures with it, which I think is probably more to do with poor light than anything else, but I do need to practice.  I also think I am used to using my Panasonic G-10 which just takes good pictures, a fact that I know as even my Maxi can decent pictures with it.

So there I was playing with the camera, I was thinking of creating some new avi’s for my twitter account, when a friend (who hates to share their picture, even though they are most gorgeous & delicious to look at) suggested I took photos of my ears or eyes.. this is what was I came up with… (& yes it’s my right eye)