Reasons to be Cheerful

I’ve not joined up with this for a while but, even though my knee hurts… quite a lot really… so much that I had to stop climbing early this morning; I know, somewhere in my brain there are reasons to be cheerful… Hurmph said the grumpy person…

1/ Hubs has been on holiday this week, so my Christmas holidays have been extended even more… Sunday is now the official end of this years festivities.

2/ Nursery is back, so we have had a couple of hours of quiet every morning, and tired boys in the afternoon

3/ I went climbing for the first time with my husband on our 14th wedding anniversary… that was lots of fun

4/ I’ve been able to catch up with people who truly make me smile this week, even if it doesn’t feel for nearly long enough x

5/ I’m about to enrol Maxi into school, I just can’t quite believe he is old enough to be going to school this year… the enrolment procedure is a bit of a faf but I just can’t believe my first baby will be going to school soon, he’s definitely ready for it, and will be one of the oldest in his year, but wow… where has the time gone?

6/ Now off to feed ducks in the frosty sunshine… how can that not make you cheerful.

Hope you’ve all had a cheerful week & Happy Friday 13th (My Mum always told me this was the luckiest day & Mum’s are always right, aren’t they?!).  Why not join in and link up with your reasons x

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