Special Day

Today is the one year anniversary of an irrevocable change to my life.

At 14:32 thirty words and two numbers, really rather pointless, almost frivolous words were written, that were the catalyst for change in my life.

Later a question was asked that made me re-evaluate my life and set me on a road of discovery.

Now lots of those changes have been documented on this blog, some are still in progress and there isn’t a day I don’t think back and count my lucky stars.  How a total random act could create such a big impact.

One of the things I have learnt is to grab onto every opportunity that comes my way, even those that I am not too sure about.  With risk comes reward. (though of course being sensible and safe)

Also I have learnt that life is for living, love is for sharing and facing ones fears is liberating.

So today I rejoice in my blessings, all those things in my life that make me smile and all the people in my life that I love more than words can convey.

And to the person who wrote those random words, thank you will never be enough.