My sister has arrived, I picked her up at Edinburgh airport this morning and she stays until Sunday.  Yay, there is someone in the house that picks after themselves… more so she is a kitchen fairy… it is ace.  If there is a mess and I walk away, when I get back it is tidy… she is rather fab like that.

The boys also adore her, so will run to her rather than me, if they want a book read or a hurt kissed.  They will sit under a blanket on the chair and snuggle and read or watch TV.

I even had a nap this afternoon, without getting jumped on and woken (well OK almost).

I have been spoilt as my BFF has been visiting and occupied the boys lots over the holiday. Sis doesn’t see the boys that often and she wants to hang out with them, and I think prefers it when Mummy is not around.

I have been asked if she is like me, and to be honest I think she is probably the opposite to me; she’s tall and I’m short; she has long hair and mines short; she is good with words & my passion was always numbers; she is single and I’ve been married almost fourteen years.  She has focused on her career and is very high up where she works, she has “Head of…” in her title don’t you know and me, well I look after things here.  She loves the hustle and bustle of a city, whilst to be honest I like it, but I don’t need it.  She always reads the paper, what’s one of those… and she barely FBs and doesn’t tweet.  She is an amazing friend but likes her people to be real.  I think all my friends, those I can see or those I converse with from afar are real. She laughs at me as I seem to be able to start a conversation with someone wherever I go, people seem to tell me things, whilst she is quiet and with her head down.  She is always beautifully turned out, and has nails to die for, and I am a scruff bag, happiest when sweating after a long bike ride or hands sore from climbing at the wall.

She lives to far away from us to have a really close relationship, and yet we get on now better than we ever have.  The first thing she said when she saw me today was; Wow! you look tiny… even though we talk on the phone often she hadn’t realised that my appearance had changed so much. I think that rings true for personalities changing, even now I revert back to the view of her when we lived together eighteen years ago. When we do get to hang out for real I realise she’s changed too.

Like in probably every sibling relationship, she can drive me up the wall, not get me, say things that I think are so stupid.  But she is cool, and I don’t think I’d have her any other way.

& at the end of the day, she deserves a medal cos I am the really loopy one in the relationship… don’t I know it, my Mother has been telling us for years she had sis so there was someone else for me to talk to and pester! (got to love my family)