Resolutions… Or did I actually manage to follow through with any of mine

Back at the beginning of the year I set myself four challenges.

They were to;

  1. Write a blog every day
  2. Learn how to crochet
  3. Make croissants from scratch
  4. Work out how my new camera works and start taking more pictures

Well if you’ve noticed, particularly of late, I’ve failed on the first.  However I also learnt that writing just for the sake of it creates banal nothingness… and whilst I may think I am interesting at times, I really am not.  I also notice that I tend just to show a facet of me here.  I am probably more bleak at times and I am not sure if I am ready to share the dark side.  This is one of the reasons for the recent lack of posts, oh and the whole madness of Christmas, though I endeavour to share what I’ve been up to.  I have also been distracted by the quite delicious people on twitter.  I have made some dear friends and it is just fun to chat with them of an evening.  Delightful actually and they know who they are.  I have also tried to keep in touch with some dear special friends, though often not so successfully.  I know I need to manage these interactions, as I am a chatterbox and can quite happily whitter along all day, thus being most unproductive!

Second challenge to learn to crochet.  Well that is a huge failure.  I have not picked up a hook at all this year.  Instead I have learnt how to knit fair isle patterns with two and three yarns. I have actually knitted far more than normal this year, though I have a few special projects still to complete.  One that is using traditional fair isle designs for a very special recipient, that is if I get my finger out and finally finish it!

Third challenge, to make croissants from scratch.  Well that, I have actually achieved; twice, almost three times, as I will be making them again today.  Now I won’t say any more, as I am just downloading photos so I can blog about them later today.

Which leads me to the final challenge; taking more pictures with my then new Panasonic G10. Well I suppose this is a success, I take lots of photos, I am currently downloading 839 photos, just from the last couple of weeks.  But I am lazy and often use the automatic settings.  I’d really like to learn more about taking better snaps.  I am contemplating using film for a bit, but I have a bad habit of taking many digital photos, as you can, and deleting the ones I don’t like, I am not sure my bank balance would cope if I used the same mentality using film.

So I suppose all in all I can say I’ve done OK, I have also focused on me and my fitness this year, I’ve started climbing, and I love it!  I’ve not had a chance to go this week and I miss it.  I do have climbing dates on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday next week, so will make up for it then.

This year has, as any year, had its ups and downs.  But the thing that shines through are the friends I have in my life.  Those that have been there, supported me, given me a kick in the back side, when required.  I do truly love you.  Without you I don’t think I would have made it.

Whilst there are still things to battle there are exciting things on the horizon for 2012.  A huge endeavour will be the starting of a new business, which I am sure, its progress will be shared with you all.

I just hope when I get to write a review of next year I will feel as optimistic and full of heart-felt friendship.  Happy Hogmanay to you all, and here is hoping 2012 is good to you.